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Hadīth 34 of an-Nawawi teaches that a good Muslim should

A. keep away from wrongdoing

B. repent of wrongdoing
C. speak against wrongdoing “…. Or if that is not possible than with his tongue, …”

D. always pray against any wrongdoing.

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The author of the Muwatta was the Imām of

A. Dārus-Salām

B. Dārul-Hijrah
C. Makkah

D. Damascus.

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The principles of Hadīth criticism developed through

A. isnād and musannaf

B. matn and riwāyah
C. isnād and matn “In order to authenticate or test the authenticity of any Hadith, the Scholar followed two methods namely Riwayah (which has to with isnad of health) and Diraya (The Hadith itself mato):.

D. musnād and musannaf.

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Taqrīr, as a kind of Sunnah, means the

A. sayings of the Prophet (S.A.W) on religious matters

B. action or practice of the Prophet (S.A.W)
C. direct approach of the Prophet (S.A.W) to issues

D. Prophet’s (S.A.W) silent approval of the actions of others.

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āyatul-Kursiyy not only teaches the oneness of ‘Allah but also emphasizes His

A. Eternity Qur`an Chapter 2 vs 255.

B. Predominance
C. Omnipresence

D. Wisdom.

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The people described as sharrul-bariyyah in Sūratul-Bayyinah are the

A. Jews and Christian

B. ahlul-kitāb and mushrikūn Qur`an chapter 98 vs 6.
C. Makkan unbelievers and polytheists

D. kuffār and the munāfiqūn.

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‘Allāh swears by the Fig and the Olive in Sūrah

A. al-Zilzāl

B. at-Trn
C. al-Qadr

D. al-'A’laq. Qur`an chapter 95 vs 1. Allah says: “By the fig and olive”.

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Sūratul-Kawthar was revealed because of the Makkans’

A. insinuation

B. resistance
C. intolerance

D. persecution.

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Sūratul-Fātihah is also referred to as

A. Sūratul-Hidāyah

B. Kitābul-mathāni
C. Ummul-kitāb It is He who has sent down to you (Muhammad) S.A.W. The book (This Qur`an) in it are verse that are clear. They are the Mother of the Books …”.

D. Sūratud-du'ā’.

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The Tafstr of the Glorious Qur’ān which is modern in its approach to commentary is known as

A. at-tasstr bir-r 'ay

B. tafstr al-ma’thūr
C. tafstr al-madhāhib

D. at-tafstr al-'asri.

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