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Postgraduate Scholarship Interview Questions and Answers

Postgraduate Scholarship Interview Questions and Answers Postgraduate Scholarships Awards usually entail two major stages: the aptitude test stage and the interview stage. The interview section is meant to test your possession of certain skills and your level of preparedness to further your education if awarded the scholarship.This book is intended to acquaint candidates with questions asked so far in scholarship interview sections like PTDF PhD interviews, NLNG scholarship interview, NDDC scholarship interview, FSB BEA scholarship interview etc.Expected answers to the asked questions are also provided and students are required to fine-tune them to rhyme with their specific conditions

This book includes:

Interview Mindset Preparation

Discipline Required Skills

Statement of Purpose Defence

Undergraduate Project Questions

Knowledge of your locality


As a graduate student, you should possess these skills:

1. Technical ability 

2. Inter-personal skills

3. Presentation skills.......

QUESTION 1: Do you know why you’re here?

PURPOSE OF QUESTION: After breaking the ice, you’re likely to be confronted with this question. The essence is to ease the tension or uneasiness in you so as to set the background for interview proper.

RECOMMENDED ANSWER: Saying a bold ‘YES’ will just be okay and in some case the interviewer will say ‘You’re here because you ......

QUESTION 2: Why is there a long gap between the year you left secondary school and the year you secured admission?

PURPOSE OF THE QUESTION: This question comes up if you didn’t get admission as soon as you left secondary school. The purpose of the question is to know how you managed your idle time. It is expected of you to tell them how you ......

ANSWER TIPS: The skills you must highlight must be related to your discipline. This shows focus and determination to your career choice. If you....

QUESTION 3: Why should we take you and not the other person?

PURPOSE OF THE QUESTION: This question is quite tempting but the real purpose of asking you this question is to know.....

QUESTION 4: Tell us about your final year project in school?

PURPOSE OF THE QUESTION: This question tests your technicality, the depth of your knowledge of your course of study, your understanding of the project carried out.

ANSWER TIPS: Try to be technical in your answer but like I said before, don’t get too technical. This will save you much sweat if you’re from a

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