NLNG Postgraduate Scholarship Test Study Questions and Answers

NLNG Postgraduate Scholarship Test Study Questions and Answers

The NLNG Postgraduate Scholarship scheme is an international scholarship award from the Nigeria Liquefied Natural Gas to train Nigerians in top universities in the United Kingdom. The selection process is managed by the British Council and is always very strict. The scholarship offer comes up annually. After the test stage, successful applicants are invited to the interview stage. We therefore recommend a copy of our Postgraduate Scholarship Interview Past Questions and Answers to acquaint you with what is expected.


The NLNG aptitude test questions prep pack takes after the CEBSHL format and is as follows:

  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Numerical Reasoning
  • Abstract Reasoning


Sagas stores enjoys an international reputation for quality and style. Nowhere is this more important than in the dress and appearance of its staff. The company stes minimum standards of appearance which are demanded of all shop floor staff, although some deprtments have specific additional requirements. For all staff, hair must be clean, tidy and well cut at all times. "Designer Corner" operates a different staff dress code where business dress must be worn. For a woman, this would be a tailor suit, with a white or cream blouse. Men should wear dark grey trousers together with a white and navy blazer.
1. Female staff in "Designer Corner" must wear tailored suites
A. True
B. False
C. Cannot Say

2. Additional articles of apparel such as jewelry for women and ties for men are
A. True
B. False
C. Cannot Say
A UN report has warned of the potential problems of global warming. If the production of greenhouse gases continues at the current rate, this will result in the melting of ice sheets in Greenland and The Artarctic. The consequence of this will be rising sea levels, which will endanger 145 million people. In response to the problem, the report observes the need for an immediate international agreement on reducing emissions.
3. Greenhouse gases are produced in greater quantities in Greenland and The Artactic,
resulting in melting ice sheets in these areas
A. True
B. False
C. Cannot Say
4. Reducing emission will help slow down the progress of global warming
A. True
B. False
C. Cannot Say

This table shows the average production data for three products over the last month. The difference between costs and the sales price is the company profit for one unit.
5. If a new production method allows the cost of Product C to be reduced to $3.45 per unit while increasing the maximum production to 250 units per month, what percentage increase in profit would the company see from that product?
A. 119%
B. 200%
C. 252%
D. 288%
E. 322%

6. A new computer will load 17% faster than the old computer. It took the old computer 22 seconds to load one graphic and 9 seconds to load a paragraph of text. If you are loading a document with 2 graphics and 1 paragraph, how long will it take the new computer to load?
A. 25.73seconds
B. 31.00secods
C. 43.99seconds
D. 53.00seconds
E. 62.01seconds

7. A restaurant offers a new promotion of 20% off the original price of cheese pizzas which is $12. Before the promotion, 250 pizzas were sold each day. After the promotion, the sale of pizzas increases an average of 18% more per day.
How much more or less does the restaurant make each day in pizza after the promotion?
A. Decrease by $600
B. Decrease by $168
C. Increase by $168
D. Increase by $600
E. Does not change

8. Jack typed 80 words per minute when he enrolled in a typing course. His typing speed increases by 3% two weeks into the course. At the end of the course, Jack was able to type his entire 1,680 word document in 20minutes.
What was the percent of increase in his typing speed from the beginning of the course to the end?
A. 3%
B. 4%
C. 5%
D. 6%
E. 7%

9. Joe is in charge of purchasing office supplies and his budget is $175.00. Paper is $21.99 a box, toner cartridges are $52.90 each and folders are $0.99 each. All the office supplies are 20% off.
If Joe needs to buy 3boxes of paper and 2 toner cartridges, how many folders can he buy?
A. 3 folders
B. 16 folders
C. 37 folders
D. 47 folders
E. 50 folders

A very large company is in the process of redistributing their fleet of heavy lifters across their four locations in response to different needs at each factory. Currently, the distribution of heavy lifters is as shown in the graph on the left, with the right graph being the distribution that management requests.
10. If there are currently 45 heavy lifters at factory A and the company increases its fleet by 60%, how many total lifters will be at Factory A and Factory B after they are redistributed?
A. 105
B. 165
C. 250
D. 264
E. 300

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