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Kindly note that StudentsHub provide academic materials and resources that will help you in your research work. Our materials are for students seeking to complete their final year project works, seminars, term papers, industrial training reports and other assignments as may be given. We wish to state categorically that our materials are not to be used 'as it is' or verbatim but should serve as a necessary guideline or tool for you to develop your unique idea or approach to a solution. The reason is this, many students are using the same materials simultaneously to put up their work and the best practice would be for you to be unique and original by making significant changes and contirbutions to the works contained herein.

Terms and Conditions

Upon purchase of any of our materials, you have the underlisted privileges to use the material:
  • A source of idea for your work
  • As a reference materials (follow your institutions reference rules and plagiarism terms)
  • A source for additional understanding or further works on your projects
Please, adhere strictly to the referencing policies and understand that we do not encourage plagiarism, cheating or laziness among students but provide a stepping stone to a well-reserached and rehearsed project work.
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