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academic research papers


The RESEARCH CENTRE is where students of various levels and degrees meet to get help for their academic works e.g. assignments, homeworks, termpapers, seminars, Industrial Training (IT) reports, projects etc. Members are advised to upload soft copies of their completed works to this centre and put their price tag based on the worth of the material. Your price tag is subject to moderation by our Academic Team after which we will inform you if there are changes or recommendations as may be found neccessary. Every purchase of your material(s) alerts you using both SMS and Email and 50% of the purchased price will be credited to your Hub Account which can be paid out once its up to N4000. HubNG takes care of both the hosting and advertising of your submitted materials and making sure it gets the target audience.


questionsThis is a list of various works and projects that have been submitted by various members and students. You can preview their table of contents, abstract and introduction by clicking on the topic. The solutions were not verified by any academic body, therefore if you feel that the given solution is not right or adequate, kindly report such to us quoting the code in your correspondence. View materials by categories


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