General POST-UTME Past Questions & Answers For Sciences

General POST-UTME Past Questions & Answers For Sciences

This book contains over 3000 frequently asked POST UTME questions and their answers in science related courses, engineering courses and medical sciences. It is a compilation of previously asked questions and answers from different schools in Nigeria namely UNIBADAN, UNIJOS, ABU, UNILAG, LASU, FUTO, FUTA, UNIABUJA, BUK, UNN, UNIZIK, UNIPORT, RSUST, UNIBEN, UNIMAID and lots more. Its unique feature is that it is yearly updated and more questions from different schools added. Experience has shown that most schools repeat POST UTME questions asked in other schools especially schools within same geographical zone. You may want to order for specific questions for your choice school by visiting here.


Questions featured in this book are drawn from these major subject areas:

  • English Language
  • Mathematics
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Agricultural Science
  • Geography
  • General Knowledge

Not less than 200 questions on each of these subject areas are featured.



In each questions, select the option that best explains the information conveyed in the sentence

1.       If I left the country, I would arrange for my family to join me  A. he left the country and his family joined him B. in the event of leaving the country, his family would join him C. he did not leave the country and his family did not join him D. he may not leave the country

2.       A state of mutual hatred existed for years between the two villages of Umuna and Ogboma          A. Umuna hated Ogboma B. Ogboma hated Umuna C. Ogboma and Umuna hated themselves D. Umuna and Ogboma hated each other

3.       The painting in the museum was beautifully faked       A. the painting was a good deceptive replica B. the painting was well-framed and displayed C. the painting was deceptively decorated in the museum D. the painting was carefully hung in the museum.

4.       Ade: do you mind if I sit down here? Bola: well, yes I do actually         A. Bola is reluctantly granting the request B. Bola is willingly accepting the request C. Bola is certainly rejecting the request D. Bola is objective to the request

5. The president held forth for several minutes on the need for patriotism        A. the president was silent for some minutes when patriotism was being discussed B. the president whispered few things about patriotism C. the president spent time saying few things about patriots D. the president gave a rather long speech on the importance of patriotism 


1.       The nucleus is considered the control organelle of a cell because it         A. contains the genetic material B. contains the nuclear sap C. is bounded by the nuclear membrane D. is located at the centre of the cell

2.       Regulation of blood sugar level takes place in the        A. pancreas B. ileum C. liver D. kidney

3.       The heart of the adult frog consists of A. two auricles and two ventricles B. one auricle and one ventricle C. one auricle and two ventricle D. one ventricle and two auricle

4.       A group of organisms of different species living in a particular area is described as         A. colony B. community C. population D. niche

5. A freshwater plant such as water lily can solve the problem of buoyancy by the possession of A. a crenchyarous tissue B. dissected leaves C. thin cell walls of the epidermis D. water-repelling epidermis


1.       Which of the following can be obtained by fractional distillation?         A. nitrogen from liquid air B. sodium chloride from sea water C. iodine from a solution of iodine in carbon tetrachloride D. sulphur from a solution of sulphur in carbon disulphide

2.       Atoms of element X (with 2 electrons in the outer shell), combine with atoms of Y (with electrons in the outer shell). Which of the following is FALSE? The compound formed         A. has formula XY B. is likely to be ionic C. contains X2+ ions D. contains Y- ions

3.       Which of the following represents the type of bonding present in ammonium chloride molecule? A. ionic only B. covalent only C. ionic and dative covalent D. dative covalent only

4.       Manganese (IV) oxide is known to hasten the decomposition of oxygen peroxide. Its main action is to      A. increase the surface area of the reactants B. increase the concentration of the reactants C. lower the activation energy for the reaction D. lower the heat of reaction

5. Which of the following salts can be melted without decomposition? A. Na2C03 B. CaC03 C. MgC03 D. ZnC03   


1.       Which of the following metals will provide the greatest shield against ionizing radiation? A. iron B. manganese C. aluminum D. lead

2.       The process and energy production in the sun is           A. nuclear fission B. nuclear fusion C. electron collision D. radioactive decay

3.       The electromagnetic wave that can produce a heating effect on the environment is           A. Gamma rays B. X-rays C. ultraviolet rays D. infrared rays

4.       Which of the following statements is true of the properties of a moving coil galvanometer? A. it has a small number of turns of coil B. there is a strong magnetic flux C. the coil has a small area D. there are strong hair springs to give a large control couple


5.       By what factor will the size of an object placed 10cm from a convex lens be increased if the image is seen in a screen 25cm from the lens? A. 2.5 B. 1.5 C. 0.4 D. 15.0


1.       In a class of 40 students, 32 offer mathematics, 24 offer physics. How many offer both mathematics and physics? A. 20 B. 16 C. 5 D. 4

2.       Simplify 1 – (21/3 x 11/4) + 3/5           A. 11/15 B. -119/60 C. -27/15 D. -231/60  

3.       The sum of four numbers is 1214. What is the average expressed in base five? A. -114 B. 141 C. 401 D. 411

4.       The length a person can jump is inversely proportional to his weight. If a 20kg person can jump 1.5m, find the constant of proportionality? A. 60 B. 30 C. 20 D. 15

5. A trapezium has two parallel sides and length 5cm and 9cm. if the area is 21cm2. Find the distance between the parallel sides.  A. 3cm B. 4cm C. 6cm D. 7cm 

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