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ABIAPOLY POST-UTME Past Questions & Answers

ABIAPOLY POST-UTME Past Questions & Answers This book is a preparatory guide for candidates seeking admission to the Abia State Polytechnic, Aba (AbiaPoly) for their ND prgrams and who will be expected to sit for the POST UTME aptitude test. It is for both science-based and non-science based courses as clearly specified in the Sample Page

Questions for the Abiapoly HND Aptitude test are drawn from:

  • English Language
  • Mathematics
  • Government
  • History/Current Affairs
  • Economics
  • Biology
  • Physics
  • Chemistry


1. Oke deposited N800 in the bank at the rate of 12 ½ % simple interest. After sometime, the total amount was one and half times the principal. For how many years was the money left in the bank?

 A. 2  

B. 4  

C. 5 ¼  

D. 8

2. The prices of two garments are such that their sum is N100 while their difference is N70. Find the price of the costlier garment  

A. N15  

B. N170  

C. N85  

D. N30

3. A man deposited N5,000 in a bank at an interest rate of 5% per annum for 6years. Find the accrued amount at the end of the 6years   AN1500  B. N3500  C. N6,500  D. N6,700

4. He was both a writer and a politician, but he was better…….. a singer  

A. as if  

B. like  

C. as  

D. to be

5. Vacancies in the company will be notified by………

A. bulletin  

B. publication  

C. publicity  

D. advertisement 

6. The driver was short of petrol, so he……down the hills with the engines switched off  

A. glided  

B. coasted  

C. wheeled  

D. taxied

7. The process whereby solids turn into gases spontaneously is known as

A. Evaporation

B. Photosynthesis

C. Transpiration

D. Sublimation

8. Oil in water can be best separated by

A. Chromatography

B. Separating Funnel

C. Distillation

D. Recrystallization

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