Title of paper: Using Maximum Efficient Rate (mer) To Determine The Best Production Option In An Oil Rim Reservoir
Author(s): David Isu
Category: Seminar/Workshop
Discipline: Petroleum Engineering
Price: 3000 NGN
Number of Pages: 67
An oil rim reservoir is a reservoir with a relative thickness of 10ft – 50ft. Such reservoirs, though despite their small thickness contains oil that can be of economic quantity if properly produced. It is a known knowledge that horizontal wells perform better than vertical wells in the production of such reservoirs because of the large surface contact it will have with the reservoir if the optimum wellbore placement is accurately located.

With the use of horizontal wells, one is faced with the option of producing below or above the critical rate. The critical rate is the highest production rate with no water or gas mixing with the oil.

The maximum efficient rate (MER) was used as an evaluation analysis to compare the net incomes of using both production options in producing a sample oil rim reservoir. It was however shown that producing above the critical rate gave a higher income value and therefore should be a preferred option in this case.

This forms the basis of this research work as detailed explanations are carefully presented and itemized as necessary.

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