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If a page doesn't open or takes long to open, it might be a network problem. Kindly refresh your browser or check the network signal in your device. But if you see a '404 Error' page, do contact us to fix it.
We've tried to put every informaion you'd need on relevant pages but most people would still call to ask us same questions repeatedly. This slows down our delivery in peak periods as we do have high volumes of works to send out. We prefer replying your mails at less busy periods to pausing and answering calls while customers are waiting. You might want us to hire someone to answer the calls but what is the essence of having those information on the website if you cannot spend little time to read through. For those that still need to hear from us, either chat with our online agent (if not currently online, drop a message in the chat box) or fill out our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
Our customers can testify that we have a good delivery speed. Depending on your method of payment and product ordered. E-books are delivered as soon as payment is confirmed. If you pay with your debit card online, you'll be redirected to the download page where you'll instantly download your product. Should there be any delay in delivery, we'll definitely let you know. Those that ordered for hard copies of our books (One-Time Success In Scholarship and Job Tests or Issues on Campus Life), will be required to put their address in the 'Additional Info' field of the Checkout page or send it to us via email. We use Speedpost to deliver and please, ensure you give us the right address to avoid double expenses.
Most of the delays are from the customer's end. We have seen cases where customers who pay by bank transfer or deposit forgets to send us their payment and product details. Probably, they didn't have time to read the information on the payment page. How do you expect us to know who paid for what? They end up calling us fraudsters instead of owning up to their mistakes. Please, make sure to always send the requirements listed on the respective payment pages.
Some delays might be caused by the banks if they don't send us notification on time.
Yes, you can only if we've not sent out your order. Refunds are processed within 24hrs if you're eligible.
To get immediate response, initiate a chat when the status is 'Online'. For so many reasons, an agent may not be online to engage you immediately. If no one is online, do leave your message or inquiry in the Chatbox and we'll get back to your via email as soon as possible.
Yes! We have some free stuffs at our Freebies Page. We regularly add items there as an appreciation to our esteemed customers.
We have a collection of good and not-too-good testimonies. Check them out on our Reviews Page.
There's a saying that you crossed a bridge because those before you didn't break it, therefore, don't break it either. Many people bought our books and start re-selling them on their website. This caused a huge loss for us and a big problem with our partners.
To curtail such, we deployed the CopySafe DRM features to monitor and control all of our e-books.
So long as you have good intentions, it shouldn't be a problem. Just download and install the reader as you would with other files, then open your pack and read. Simple!
No! Screenshots and screen captures are the features that have delayed the mobile version of CopySafe reader. Until a solution for that comes, please stick to your Windows PC (desktop or laptop).
No! Mac OS does not disable 'Copy' Command at System Level. This poses a threat to the security of the CopySafe Reader. Kindly look around for a Windows PC to use for your Prep period.
No! Your exam will likely be computer-based, so why not learn under full exam conditions? We understand that power and other issues may be challenging, but try hard to have an accessible PC for your preparation.
Academic papers are not in .ENC (CopySafe) format. Some are in PDF, doc, docx, xls, ppt etc depending on the format the owner used. So, feel free to order for your projects, thesis, dissertations and have them in an editable format.
Two things are responsible for this message
  1. Either your system is not connected online or
  2. You have shared this file with another person
In the former, get your system connected online to log your hit and for the later, we can't help you. Order for a fresh copy.
If you've not broken the rules in No.6 above, uninstall and reinstall the CopySafe reader, then download another copy from your mailbox and try opening. It should open once its on the same system.
We have partnership options on our Partnership page. Feel free to tell us the area that we can work together to make the world better.
If you're working as an online content editor, you have a basic salary we'll tell you. This is paid monthly so long as you meet the minimum number of posts for that month. Then those that supply academic materials are entired to 50-50 sharing formula per sale as we handle the publicity and payment processing. You can upload your works .
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