PTDF Scholarship Interview Questions and Answers

PTDF Scholarship Interview Questions and Answers

The Petroleum Technology Development Fund (PTDF) selection exercise has always followed a similar routine of Aptitude Tests for M.Sc candidates and Oral Interview for the PhD candidates. This trend changed in 2018 when the Fund now conducts oral interview for both categories of candidates. This book is replete with questions asked during the PTDF scholarship selection interview. Expected answers are also provided. This piece has been painstainly reviewed and updated for the 2022 PTDF Scholarship interviews.


  • Preparations for the interview
  • Breaking the ice
  • Discipline Required Skills
  • Statement of Purpose Defence
  • Project/Thesis Questions
  • Knowledge of PTDF
  • Research Proposal Defence
  • General Knowledge/Current Affairs


Graduate students are expected to possess these skills:
1. Adaptability
2. Analytical Skills
3. Communication skills....
There's no specific questioning style for a particular candidate but what will form the bulk of your questions will come from your statement of purpose (for students) and your research proposal (Ph.D candidates).
Question 1 ( Mr...., can tell us why you need funding to study this course?
Question Intent: Some scholars who left the shores of Nigeria failed to come back and remain illegal immigrants in foreign lands. This is worrisome to the Fund, hence they need to be assured that you really need the funding and to evaluate your intentions psychologically...
ANSWER TIPS: Highlight a technological gap in the oil and gas industry and the need to develop local content as the reason for your ....

Question 2 (Ph.D): How sure are you that someone has not done this work and what makes you think that your proposed school can handle the research?
Question intent: Some recent works are mere advancement of already existing ones.For a PhD research, you are either expected to develop something new or modify existing ones so as to avoid plagiarism. Your thorough understanding of your proposal and the assurance that your chosen school can.....
ANSWER TIPS: As cited in my references, previous authors failed to consider my point of view and I believe.... 

Question 3 (All): What do you do or are you currently working?
Question Intent: PTDF as a board seeks to know your technical knowledge of your discipline. Its always a bonus when where you work coincides with what you intend to study. Also, if you're gainfully employed, you stand a higher chance of....
ANSWER TIPS: Please, speak the truth but if you prefer to say something else, be ready to show proof(s) and sound technical at the same time because....

Question 4 (All): What is the vision of the PTDF?
Question Intent: You're expected to know the vision and mission of the Fund so as to help them achieve their goals. Questions about the Fund carries 10 marks and ....
ANSWER TIPS: PTDF vision is 'To serve as instrument for the development of indigenous manpower and technology acquisition in the Petroleum Industry in Nigeria. To make Nigeria a human resource centre for the West Africa sub-region in the Petroleum Sector.' . Please, do not just cram this and repeat verbatim, try to put it in your words so as to...

Question 5 (All): Name 5 international organizations that Nigeria is a member?
Question Intent: Your knowledge of Nigeria and international politics is important as a student because....
ANSWER TIPS: UN, OPEC, UNICEF, UNESCO, IMF etc (You can say them in full or abbreviate).

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