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General POST-UTME Past Questions & Answers For Arts

General POST-UTME Past Questions & Answers For Arts This book contains over 3000 frequently asked POST UTME questions and their answers in social sciences, management and arts based courses. It is a compilation of previously asked questions and answers from different schools in Nigeria namely UNIBADAN, UNIJOS, ABU, UNILAG, LASU, FUTO, FUTA, UNIABUJA, BUK, UNN, UNIZIK, UNIPORT, RSUST, UNIBEN, UNIMAID and lots more. Its unique feature is that it is yearly updated and more questions from different schools added. Experience has shown that most schools repeat POST UTME questions asked in other schools especially schools within same geographical zone. You may want to order for specific questions for your choice school by visiting here.

Questions featured in this book are drawn from these major subject areas:

  • English Language
  • Mathematics
  • Literature in English
  • Commerce
  • Economics
  • Government
  • History/Current Affairs
  • General Knowledge
Not less than 200 questions on each of these subject areas are featured.



Choose the word opposite in meaning to the underlined

1.       Our government is making determined efforts toeradicate illiteracy A. compulsory B. ineffective C. innocent D. unreliable

2.       Nnamdi Azikiwe University has a large intake ofstudent each year A. rejection B. product C. furiously D. turn-out

3.       Rita flogged the girl reluctantly  A. eagerly B. calmly C. furiously D.laboriously

4.       The judge blamed the plaintiff for misleading thecourt A. defendant B. complaint C. accused D. prosecution

5.       The demonstrators have refused to call-off theiraction A. consolidate B. start C. resume D. end


1.       Which of the following countries does not operate a federal constitution? A. U.S.A. B. Canada C. Nigeria D. France

2.       The transfers of authority of Local Government council is known as A. demarcation B. delegation C. fusion D. devolution

3.       A popular principle of colonial administration of British West Africa was A. association B. indirect rule C. paternalism D. westernization

4.       When total revenue is at maximum, marginal revenue is  A. constant B. negative C. zero D. positive

If a person receives a higher wages that would be necessary for him, he is said to be receiving A. profit B. rent C. interest D. excess income

1.       Who said this “there shall be neither dew nor rain these days except by my word” A. Elijah B. Ezekiel C. Elisha D. Obadiah E. Nehemiah

2.       Before Moses died, God appointed who to succeed him? A. Joshua B. Aaron C. Eleazar D. Aallam E. Menasseh

3.       By whom did the Lord heal the blindness of Paul? A. Ananias B. Cephas C. John Mark D. Silas E. Timothy

4.       Paul and Silas were imprisoned at            A. Athens B. Philippi C. Antioch D. Corinth E. Ephesus

5.       The three sons of Noah were Shem, Ham and……A. Lot B. Hirah C. Cain D. Japhet E. Eber


1.       Government by the few is…….A. dictatorship B. monocracy C. oligarchy D. autocracy

2.       The primary function of the judiciary is to            A. make laws B. protect the citizens C. interpret laws D. execute laws

3.       A characteristic feature of communism is              A. free enterprise B. liberal democracy C. dictatorship D. multi-party system

4.       A tax law is a                A. private bill B. speaker’s bill C. public bill D. judicial bill

5.       Nigeria is a member of               A. OPEC, NATO and ECOWAS B. OAU, UNO and ECOWAS C. ECOWAS, NATO and OAU D. the commonwealth of nations E. OPEC and OAS

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