NNPC Experienced Hire Study Questions and Answers Manual

NNPC Experienced Hire Study Questions and Answers Manual

This book is a collection of study aptitude test questions and answers compiled for the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) recruitment exercises into senior officers/supervisory cadre and managerial roles. This is specially updated for the 2020 NNPC Experienced Hire Aptitude Test with a relevant manual. This book will be helpful to candidates invited to the experienced hire screening exercise of the NNPC as it will enable them to prepare accordingly.

You can use this book on your mobile devices or print it out to get the hard-copy.

We also have Oil and Gas Companies Interview Questions and Answers that will enable candidates to give expected answers to questions during the selection interview.


Also available is the NNPC Graduate Trainees Aptitude Test Study Questions and Answers.


Questions for the NNPC Experienced hire roles prep pack are pulled from:

  • Verbal and Critical Reasoning
  • Situational Judgement Tests
  • Inductive Reasoning
  • Oil and Gas Questions
  • Management and Economics related questions
  • Exploration operations in Nigeria
  • Current Affairs/History


For years, a considerable number of students on West County High School's track team complained about shin splints (medial tibial syndrome). However, during the most recent season, the number of students who complained about shin splints dropped significantly. School officials assert that this reduction in complaints occurred entirely as a result of the school's decision to build a new running track that provided a softer running surface, which absorbed much of the shock on the knees and shins that occurs when running and causes shin splints.
1. Which of the following, if true, most severely weakens the school officials' explanation for the decrease in complaints about shin splints?
A) As a result of West County High School's adoption of better medical staff and new medical scanning devices, many students whose complaints would have been diagnosed in years past as an instance of shin splints are now diagnosed with a different condition.
B) West County High School built its track after a number of neighboring schools with similar track teams built new tracks and each school saw the number of complaints about shin splints drop.
C) This past season, members of West County High School's track team received and wore new and highly acclaimed shoes designed to soften the impact of running on the shin and knee.
D) This past season, the total number of students who complained of pain while running rose.
E) The maker of the new track claims that on average, complaints about shin splints fall 25% when its tracks are implemented.
Recent studies have highlighted the harmful effects of additives in food (colors, preservatives, flavor enhancers etc.). There are no synthetic substances in the foods we produce at Munchon Foods – we use only natural ingredients. Hence you can be sure you are safeguarding your family’s health when you buy our products.
2. Which of the following, if true, would most weaken the contention of Munchon Foods?
A. Some synthetic substances are not harmful
B. Some natural substances found in foods can be harmful
C. Food without additives is unlikely to taste good
D. Munchon Foods produces only breakfast cereals
E. Without preservatives some foods could cause harm
From the words lettered A to E, choose the word that is most appropriate in meaning to the emboldened word
3. Assuage
A. Excite
B. Worry
C. Sate
D. Incite
E. Accuse
4. Tote
A. Haul
B. Carriage
C. Package
D. Kant
E. Withdraw
5. With the exception of Frank and I, everyone in the class finished the assignment before the bell rang.
A. Frank and I, everyone in the class finished
B. Frank and me, everyone in the class finished
C. Frank and me, everyone in the class had finished
D. Frank and I, everyone in the class had finished
E. Frank and me, everyone in the class finished
6. I excel when faced with a number of competing and demanding tasks
but routine administration is something I find demeaning.
A. Agree strongly
B. Agree
C. Do not agree or disagree
D. Disagree
E. Disagree strongly
7. Which is the odd one out?
A. Granite
B. Quartz
C. Onyx Answer
D. Gypsum
E. Mica
F. Calcite
8. Which transfer of energy occurs when a firework is lit? Chemical to 
A. Elastic
B. Kinetic
C. Thermal
D. Electromagnetic
E. Gravitational
9. The Babaginda administration’s transition to civil rule program officially started in
a. 1992
b. 1990
c. 1987
d. 1985
10. The periodic servicing of pumps in a petroleum product’s depot is known as…….. maintenance
A. Routine
B. Overhaul
C. Preventive
D. Corrective
E. Predictive
11. At present most of the natural gas produced in Nigeria is
A. Re-injected for secondary recovery
B. Flared
C. Converted to LNG
D. Converted to fuel
E. Sent to Nigerian Gas Company Eleme
12. The phases of a project life cycle are:
a. starting, planning, control and closing.
b. concept, definition, development, handover and closure.
c. initiation, definition, planning, monitoring and operations.
d. concept, definition, implementation and operations.

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