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Nigerian Police Force Exam Past Questions & Answers

Nigerian Police Force Exam Past Questions & Answers This book is a repository of past examination questions for the Nigerian Police Force (NPF). It is suitable for use to individuals sitting for the recruitment examination and also for admission into the Nigerian Police College. It is regularly updated and reliable answers are given.

Nigerian Police Force (NPF) tests have the following questions format:

  • Basic English
  • Current Affairs
  • History
  • Geography
  • General Knowledge 


1. How many units does the Nigerian police have?

A. 4

B. 5

C. 6

D. 7

2. The position to the office of the Inspector General of police is done through

A. Election

B. Nomination

C. Appointment

D. Academic Qualification

3. Find the odd one out

A. Hafiz Ringim

B. Abubakar Zikman

C. Suleiman Abba

D. Mike Okiro

4. Who is the first inspector general of police in Nigeria?

A. Kam Salem

B. Philip Effiong

C. Muhammadu Dikko Yusufu

D. Louis Edet

5. List of officers fit for appointment to the office of the Inspector General of Police is compiled by the

A. Police Council

B. Police Corporative

C. Police Academy

D. Police Authority

6. Katsina Ala is in which state of Nigeria?

A. Cross Rivers State

B. Benue State

C. Katsina State

D. Kogi State

7. What is the length of tenure of the IGP?

A. 3yrs

B. 4yrs

C. 5yrs

D. 6yrs

8. Which of these is not part of the formation list of the Nigerian police?

A. Port Authority Police

B. Police Cooperative

C. Police Academy Kano

D. Airforce

9. Which of the following constabularies did not participate in the formation of the Nigerian police?

A. Niger Coast Constabulary 

B. Special Service Constabulary 

C. Royal Niger Company Constabulary

D. Thirty member consular guard

10. The police officer in-charge of contingents in a state is the…

A. Chief Superintendent of Police

B. Inspector of Police

C. Commissioner of Police

D. Divisional Police officer

11. The release of a person from legal custody by a written agreement that he shall appear at the time and place designated and submit himself to the jurisdiction of the court and observe the requirements set forth in the recognizance is known as

A. Bail

B. Acquit

C. Release

D. Partial discharge

12. A formal accusation by a grand jury that charges a person with a crime is known as……

A. Indemnity

B. Insanity plea

C. Indictment 

D. Faux Pas

English Language
* Mathematics (Optional)
Religious Knowledge

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