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Navy SSC & DSSC Recruitment Past Questions & Answers

Navy SSC & DSSC Recruitment Past Questions & Answers This book is a collection of past test questions and their answers for the Short Service Commission (SSC) and Direct Short Service Commission (DSSC) into the Nigerian Navy for graduates. It is meant for individuals and graduates sitting for the 2018/2019 recruitment examination into various positions of the Nigerian Navy through DSSC and SSC processes. It is recent and updated as it comprises of all questions asked so far in these exams.
  • English language
  • Mathematics
  • Current Affair
  • General Knowledge


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1. Four of the five sentences have the same meaning. Which one sentence has a different meaning?
A. A very important meeting was held to make the decision
B. During the meeting a very important decision was made
C. A very important decision was made at the meeting
D. The meeting helped make a very important decision
E. Those attending the meeting made a very important decision
2. Although the zoo keeper was well trained, he still approached the lion's cage with.....
A. imagination
B. pride
C. fear
D. indignation
E. freedom
3. The journalist had very little time to interview the artist so he would have to ask some very....questions to gather enough information to write an article for his newspaper.
A. lengthy
B. flamboyant
C. humourous
D. searching
E. polite
4.Which number comes next: 3,5,9,11,15
A. 19
B. 13
C. 18
D. 14
E. 17
5. Which number comes next: 6,10,18,34,66
A. 100
B. 132
C. 130
D. 134
E. 32
6.In feudal system, the hierarchy of citizens and the king is 
A. lord and serf
B. nobles and lords
C. serf and knight
D. serf and nobles
7. The waziri in the Hausa/Fulani performs the function of
A. president
B. monarch
C. head of state
D. head of government
8.The first colonial consul sent to administer the west coast of Africa by Britain was
A. Donald Cameron
B. John major
C. John Beecroft
D. Tulma Goldie
9.A proclamation by the head of state ending a session of parliament is called 
A. an abrogation
B. a devolution
C. an adjournment
D. a prorogation
10.Nigeria joined OPEC in
A. June 1961
B. July 1971
C. May 1964
D. Oct 1962

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