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FRSC Recruitment Past Questions And Answers

FRSC Recruitment Past Questions And Answers This book is a collection of past test questions and supplied answers for the Nigerian Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC). It is meant for individuals sitting for the recruitment examination into various positions (Marshal Inspectors etc) of the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC). It is recent and updated as it comprises of all questions asked so far in the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC). This pack is specially updated for the 2018 FRSC screening test. As an added bonus, we'll send you a free FRSC oral interview questions and answers.

i. English language

ii. Mathematics

iii. Current Affair

iv.  FRSC Related Questions

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1. The teacher accused me of ____ because my essay was so similar to that of another student.
A. procrastination 
B. plagiarism 
C. copyright
D. confusion 
E. decorum
2. We live in a ____ age; everyone thinks that maximizing pleasure is the point of life.
A. ubiquitous 
B. propitious 
C. sporadic 
D. corrupt 
E. hedonistic
3. As were many colonial administrators, Gregory was ____ in his knowledge of the grammar of the local language, though his accent was ____ 
A. deficient - poor 
B. competent - adequate 
C. faultless - awful 
D. well-versed - effective 
E. erratic - eccentric
4.  Agenda: meeting
(a) Programme: function
(b) Performance: ticket
(c) Map: scale
(d) Footnote: article
5. What is the next-highest prime number after 67?
A.    68
B.    69
C.    71
D.    73
E.    76
6. How many 3-inch segments can a 4.5-yard line be divided into?
A.    15
B.    45
C.    54
D.    64
E.    84
7. A teacher has 3 hours to grade all the papers submitted by the 35 students in her class. She gets through the first 5 papers in 30 minutes. How much faster does she have to work to grade the remaining papers in the allotted time?
A.    10%
B.    15%
C.    20%
D.    25%
E.    30%
8. Class V driving license is for
A. agricultural machineries and tractors
B. earth moving vehicles
C. government convoy
D. physically challenged persons
9. The minimum age for driving is....while terminal age for driving is.....
A. 16 and 72
B. 18 and 70
C. 15 and 75
D. 20 and 80
10. Which of the following planets rotates clock wise? 
A. Pluto
B. Jupiter
C. Venus
D. Mercury

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  • User Avatar
    Lee Jun 18, 2018

    This book is comprehensive and detailed. The last FRSC exam my brother wrote, they had issues with insufficient questions papers. Hope they will be more organized this time.


  • User Avatar
    Sharon Jun 21, 2018

    Though the book is good and your delivery is fast but can you reduced the brand or watermark across the pages? Nice one, anyways!


  • User Avatar
    Lensfo Sep 20, 2018

    This is the best material so far from what I have seen so far. I suggest that you keep us updated through mail whenever they shortlist


  • User Avatar
    Maryj Aug 13, 2018

    Your book is good and the delivery is fast. Do you know if the selection will be based on state quotas?


  • User Avatar
    Abby Oct 4, 2018

    Well received. Am impressed with your delivery speed and reliability. Thanks also for the bonus.


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