Dragnet Questions Database

Dragnet Questions Database

This book contains most questions asked in aptitude tests organized by Dragnet. DRAGNET aptitude test are computer based tests (CBT) and the questions comprise of Numerical,Verbal Reasoning and Abstract Reasoning Questions. This ebook will give you an insight into past exams conducted by DRAGNET. Dragnet conducts test for companies like Flour Mills, GlaxoSMithKline, Nestle Nigeria, Keystone Bank, Skye Bank, PZ Cussons etc. Dragnet questions are usually reshuffled from a pool of questions hence as you expose yourself to as many of their past questions as possible, you understand the dragnet aptitude test format and also increase your chances of seeing the same questions in your exam.


Dragnet test questions are repeated pulled from:

  • Numerical Reasoning (10 Files)
  • Abstract Reasoning (9 Files)
  • Verbal Reasoning (10 Files)
  • Logical Reasoning (285 pages)
  • New Dragnet Questions (15 Files)
  • Current Affairs
  • General Knowledge
  • Computer Knowledge


1. Next year, which company is projecting the smallest percentage change in its


(A) Consultancy A

(B) Consultancy B

(C) Consultancy C

(D) Consultancy D

(E) Consultancy E

2. What is the ratio of Year 3’s Consultancy C’s turnover to Consultancy E’s


(A) 2 : 5

(B) 4 : 7

(C) 5 : 7

(D) 10 : 9



What was the total number of days spent on Client work in March using the

formula 1 day = 7 working hours (to the nearest whole day)?

(A) 300 days

(B) 290 days

(C) 280 days

(D) 270 days

(E) 260 days


5. There is no unifying theory to explain the experience of dreaming. Dreaming

involves an altered state of consciousness that occurs during periods of REM (rapid

eye movement) sleep. One of the most unusual features of this state is that most of

the body’s muscles are paralysed.

The most common sleeping pattern is for a period of REM sleep to be preceded by

four stages of non-REM sleep, and for this to repeat itself up to five times a night.

Most adults and children, if woken during REM sleep, will report that they were

dreaming. Whilst the physiological stages of sleeping may be similar across adults

and young children, the potential complexity of a child’s dreams develops as they

age – alongside their imagination.

It’s difficult to prove that a dream is taking place – only after the fact can you know

that you were dreaming. There are a small number of people, however, who do

know when they are experiencing what is called a “lucid” dream. The “scanning

hypothesis” posits that eyes move during REM sleep in accordance with the

direction of gaze of one’s dream. Research, for example with “lucid” dreamers, has

shown that eyes do point towards the action that a dreamer, having a goalorientated

dream, describes.

Which of these two statements must be true? .

A. REM sleep tends to be accompanied by non-REM sleep in children

B. Eye muscles are the only muscles that are not paralysed during REM sleep

C. A child’s REM develops as they age

D. One cannot actually prove that he is dreaming

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